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Husky #1
McLean Husky Label
This is a tri-wheel McLean Husky Model #1. We don't know very much about it. My future son in law Adam is 18 years old and we brought the tractor home, seized & the chain wrapped around the sprocket. It took us 2 hours to untangle it. Adam took the Briggs & Stratton 7 hp engine apart, bought a new spark plug, and with a little help from Marvin's Miracle Oil got the piston to work up & down real smooth. With in a week at night Adam had the engine purring like a kitten and driving around. He then found out about garden tractor pulls. The more he works on his tractor the more interested he gets. If any one knows about McLean tractors of this time can you email him. He loves to talk tractors. We aren't sure if the hand, belt driven clutch is put together right & we don't know what the muffler is supposed to be. He also has a front mower deck & a plow. It isn't very pretty yet but it sure looks better than when we brought it home.



smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)